Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Gowanus Lounge Photo of the Day: Ice Cream Versus Unisphere

Okay, so it's Flushing Meadow Park and the 1964-65 World's Fair Unisphere, but Gowanus Lounge finds something appealing about this juxtaposition of the marketing of soft-serve ice cream and the big globe that is one of Queens' symbols.

Last we heard from around Flushing-Corona way in early May, a group was making noises about launching a new bid for another New York City World's Fair, but nothing has been heard since. No such silence from Mr. Softee and all of his competitors. That's a sound we'll all be hearing--over and over and over and over and over--all summer long, although we must say it was cool to grab a soft serve in the vast openness of Flushing Meadow.

Addendum: We noted this afternoon that Mister Softee has died--well, the co-founder of Mr. Softee, James Conway, anyway. And with Mister Softee's passing comes a nugget of knowledge that we were to lazy to discover for ourselves: The words to the Mister Softee Jingle. You know, the one that goes, Ba-dink-da-dinkity-dink-da-dink. Ba-dink-da-dinkity-dink-da-dink. Turns out it has words! Specifically:

The CREAM-i-est DREAM-i-est SOFT ice CREAM
you GET from MIS-ter SOF-tee.
FOR a re-FRESH-ing de-LIGHT su-PREME
LOOK for MIS-ter SOF-tee....

Now we know. RIP, Mister Softee, and eternal peace to you, full of soothing celestial sounds and free of, well, the Mister Softee Jingle.


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