Monday, June 19, 2006

Cool New Brooklyn Blog: The Sunset Parker

The old joke in Boston used to be that everybody had a band (and you can probably say the same in some part of Billburg). Well, in Brooklyn, circa 2006, everybody has a blog. We may be the bloggingest borough on the planet.

Gowanus Lounge wants to welcome the Sunset Parker to the mix, which covers--surprise--Sunset Park. This is particularly cool in that Sunset Park is very undercovered, at least, from the perspective of those that don't live in the nabe. We welcome Sunset Parker and totally commend them for bringing more Sunset Park to the world in general.

As for all of us Brooklyn blogs and bloggers, don't forget the Brooklyn Blogfest on June 22. It takes place at the Old Stone House, which is off Fourth Avenue in the park between Third and Fourth Streets. Festivities start at 8PM and it's being organized by one of the pillars of the Brookloyn blogging scene, Louise Crawford of Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn.


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