Friday, July 28, 2006

Before the Storm: Huge Crowd Watches Glass, Kronos & Dracula

Dracula 1

Phillip Glass and the Kronos Quartet were brilliant last night at Celebrate Brooklyn, performing their original score for Dracula as a huge audience shifted its focus back and forth from the legendary musicians to Bela Lugosi on the screen. Brilliant, that is, until a raging thunderstorm loomed and cut the performance short about 25 minutes into the show, just as Dracula and Renfield were arriving in London. The lights went up, and Kronos and Glass took a bow to very loud applause. At that point, thousands of people made for the exits as lightening bolts snaked impressively from the sky. Gowanus Lounge personally witnessed one of the most impressive bolts of lightening ever hit somewhere near Eighth Avenue and Eighth Street, a block away. Which is when the downpour began.

All fitting, somehow, for a performance of Dracula, a lot less so for the superb musical performance that was cut short. Perhaps, another time.


Dracula 3

Dracula 2


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