Thursday, August 03, 2006

Dumbo Ice Cream Death Match: Jacques Torres vs. Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory

Looks like it will be the King of Brooklyn Chocolate, Jacques Torres, versus the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory in a Dumbo Death Match. We discovered upon reading Eating for Brooklyn yesterday that the The New York Times had reported that Torres "is now making ice cream and selling it in the form of sandwiches layered with homemade chocolate-chip cookies ($5), in chocolate-dipped cones ($4) and in triple-scoop sundaes ($6), with a choice of sauces and set into bowls of dark chocolate, including an oval one that looks like a cacao pod...The lineup of flavors is limited and changes frequently, but excellent chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut and raspberry are often available. You can also buy a scoop of ice cream with espresso poured over it, for a quick affogato ($3)."

It doesn't spell doom for the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, which some people believe sells the best ice cream in all of Brooklyn if not New York City. But, the short-term curiousity factor might cost BICF a few customers (not so many, though, that anyone waiting in the humongous lines at Fulton Ferry Landing will notice). Amusingly, the hot fudge at the BICF is made from Michel Cluizel chocolate, whereas all things chocolate having to do with Torres ice cream is made by Jacques. Fudge fight, anyone?

This all leads a poster at Chowhound to wonder whether Dumbo is "becoming an ice cream destination":
With Brooklyn Ice Cream, gelato at Almondine, ice cream at Jacques Torres, gelato at Rice (Ciao Bella), pints of Ben & Jerry's, Haagen Daz, etc. at Peas & Pickles AND pints of La Cremellaire, Ronnybrook, Wine Sorbet and other interesting brands at Foragers, (plus Blue Pig for those that like it is only a couple of blocks away in Bklyn Heights), is there a better 5 block area in NYC for ice cream right now?
Death match jokes aside and images of Jacques Torres splattering the outside of the Ice Cream Factory with his fudge and challenging them to a duel, nothing like reports of more ice cream in Dumbo to perk up a crackling hot August day.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the big issue in the deathmatch here is hours. jacques torres is only open until 7 M-Sa and til 6 on sunday. i know the BICF is open til at least 9 or 10. makes it hard to stop by JT after dinner at grimaldi's. guess people will have to do dessert first or maybe get their JT ice cream to eat while waiting in grimaldi's' line. hmm, that's a good idea...

12:22 PM  
Anonymous eliz said...

brooklyn ice cream factory is open until **11** on thurs, fri, sat, and sunday. that alone is reason to win.

12:47 PM  

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