Friday, September 15, 2006

Ikea Starts Red Hook Graving Dock Big Fill

Is it curtains for the Red Hook Graving Dock? Could be. B61 Productions is reporting a tip that big box Swedish retailer Ikea has started filling in the ship repair facility on the site of the former Todd Shipyard, which has now been entirely reduced to big piles of rubble. Neighborhood advocates and others have been lobbying to save the Graving Dock, which many argue is vital to keeping a healthy maritime industry in New York City. B61 says:
Despite pleas from a group collectively known as the "Save the Graving Dock Committee," IKEA has remained steadfast in their intent to pave over the maritime structure...As one of the New York Preservation Society's "Seven to Save," the dock garnered interest from preservationists and local maritime advocates before and after the City Council approved the project.
Ikea maintains it has to fill the Graving Dock in order to use it as a parking lot. The retailer rejected suggestions that it build a parking garage elsewhere on the big property.

[Photo courtesy of John Bartelstone]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pointless, knee-jerk anti-developmentism! Why not save something worthwhile? Graving dock, indeed.

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