Tuesday, September 05, 2006

It's Campaign Season in Brooklyn

Ah, campaign season. Gowanus Lounge returned home after an extended vacation on the outer reaches of Cape Cod to find a pile of mail that included campaign literature from a number of candidates on the September 12 ballot. Plus the latest Atlantic Yards mailer that we had already seen online while we were away, because while you can run, you can't hide.

But we digress. The point is that the literature we found upon our return to Brooklyn in the pouring rain and howling wind on Saturday included election propoganda from Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Eliot Spitzer, Congressional candidates Carl Andrews and Yvette Clarke and State Sen. candidate Eric Adams. Mr. Andrews takes the prize, with three different flyers in our mail. Followed by Mr. Spitzer and Ms. Clarke, with two each. (We have full faith, however, that other candidates were holding their mailings until after Labor Day and that when the postal carrier cometh between now and next Tuesday, he or she will be bearing much campaign literature.)

We also had three election voicemails, with our favorite belonging to Congressional candidate Chris Owens, who had a real live person calling (by the sound of her voice an old-time Brooklyn resident, no less). Sure, she was reading a script--and hadn't been coached on how to make it sound like you're not reading something word-for-word--but we we dig the personal touch.


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