Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Cracked Out in Bay Ridge

One of the things we appreciate about stories like the one about the Broken Angel eviction and demolition threat in Clinton Hill is that it puts in perspective so many of the other idiocies that go virtually unchecked in New York. In a sense, this is a given. New York is such a sprawling enterprise that enforcement of any kind is a selective, almost random business. Regardless of whether Broken Angel violates building codes, does it really deserve the municipal resources that have been focused on it and its elderly creator?

This is where the case of the Bay Ridge crackhouse is illustrative. Sunset Parker ran an item yesterday about something he found on Bay Ridge Talk while surveying the South Brooklyn scene. The "house" in question is on 93rd St. between Third and Fourth Avenues. This is typical of the comments posted about the problem:
I have called the cops in the past in regards to this house. I've called the precinct in the past because 911 is supposed to be for emergencies only, and I didn't consider a loud-mouth yelling and screaming at 3am to be an "emergency", just a major annoyance (at the time I didn't know that there was a drug situation going on with this house, I thought he was just some drunk. lol). They never showed up, which kind of surprised me cause I remember a couple of yrs ago when there were problems with the bar next to the prince hotel, the cops would show up when the precinct was called.
Since finding out about the drug situation going on in this house, I did call 311 once (about a month ago), in which they then brought a 911 operator on the line since there was a fight in progress...but as far as I know, no one showed up (it was 2am and I went back to bed after I called the cops, but I didn't hear any sirens or see any lights)...I guess I should've lied and said someone had a weapon. lol I hadn't thought to call the brooklyn south vice (what's the phone number?), but perhaps that would be the best way to go. Has anyone else in the neighborhood called the cops in regards to this house? Perhaps if more people called, something would be done.
Good to know the city is cracking down, so to speak, on the Broken Angel menace, though.


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