Monday, October 23, 2006

The Holidays in October on Flatbush Avenue

Early Christmas on Flatbush Avenue

We looked up on Flatbush Avenue this weekend and noticed that holiday decorations (above) had already been strung across the street. Sure, holiday catalogs have been arriving at Chez GL for several week, but only in limited numbers. We haven't seen any decorations or trees yet in any chain drugstores, either. So, thanks Flatbush Avenue for being the one to start the Holiday Season for us.

Once upon a time, we objected to holiday stuff before mid-November. Then, the reality of non-stop marketing wore us down. So, we swallow hard and deal with it when the Christmas paraphernalia appears the day after Halloween. The Flatbush Avenue decorations in mid-October, though, are depressing. Call us cranky, but there's something wrong with Christmas decorations before Halloween. We assume it's only a matter of days before the holiday stars go up on Seventh Avenue in Park Slope and the decorations are strung across Fifth Avenue, etc. We could say, "ho, ho, ho." But, really, we say "Ugh."

As of the time we posted this, 62 days,17 hours and 24 minutes to Christmas.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

To be fair, Grand Street had it's holiday decorations up like 2 weeks ago. They haven't been lit up yet if they do, indeed, light up.

8:39 PM  

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