Monday, October 30, 2006

Domino's "Brooklyn Pizza" Ad: You Be the Judge

Z. Madison, a blog we always enjoy, emailed us to note that she had posted this Domino's ad for "Brooklyn Pizza." The ad was posted on youtube (where else?). It is both totally offensive on one level and deeply amusing on another. We'd never post a commercial, but if someone is trying to sell a "Brooklyn Pizza" using Brooklyn and Italian stereotypes, what can you do? The "Brooklyn Pizza," as far as we can tell, features "extra large" sausage (dear God) or pepperoni. Go over to Z. Madison to watch it (you should go there, anyway) or click on this link or click on the embed below. Us, we'd rather eat discarded pizza from the curb outside Grimaldi's than call Domino's--this is Brooklyn, after all, and we have more pizza choices than you can shake a stick at--but what do we know?


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