Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Another Very Big Williamsburg Crane Riseth

Northside Piers Crane

Another crane sprouted within the last week in Williamsburg on the site--of course--of the Toll Brothers Northside Piers which is going up very fast on Kent Avenue. Have a look at the crane, which is laying structural steel for the affordable housing complex called Palmer's Dock that will wrap around the luxury highrises known as Northside Piers. The glassy highrise is now four stories out of the ground and it looks like a big crane is going to be erected behind what's already been built. You might remember the Tolls Brothers got some recent publicity about their cranes when one on Third Avenue fell down and crushed a cab. Amazingly, no one was hurt or killed. Meantime, look for the Williamsburg waterfront to look very different by next Thanksgiving.


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