Monday, November 20, 2006

Ground Breaking This Way, Ignore the Toxics

Whole Foods Groundbreaking

A huge certificate of appreciation, prominently displayed, to the genius that gave us this superb and deeply meaningful juxtaposition of images. It would probably have gone unnoticed too, if it hadn't been for the sharp eye of Gowanus artist Lois Ruben Aronow, who has started a new blog called Random Brooklyn. Ms. Aronow emailed to share the photo and news of her blog, and we soooo happy that she did. She writes in her blog entry, A New Twist on Healthy Living:
They've finally broken ground on the Whole Foods in Gowanus. By the time it is completed, the area will no doubt be known by it's unofficial name, Park Slope. The site is across the street from my artist studio, and I took this picture the other day.

The ceremony was reported in Gawker, among others. And remember, the Gowanus Canal brings hours of family fun! You haven't lived until you've paddled a canoe through the yards of feces and used sanitary products that bob playfully in the water. A wise person once said: You can't spell Gowanus without ANUS.
We'll ignore the last line, and simply say, Thank You God, for the employee who put that sign up on the hazardous cleanup sign that has graced the Whole Food site all year. (Our only regret is that we weren't there to get the image ourselves, because it's the kind of shot that makes life worth living.) Oh, by the way, Lois creates gorgeous porcelain plates, bowls and other work. Check out her site here.


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