Tuesday, December 12, 2006

GL Brooklyn Holiday Gift Guide, Part IV: Atlantic Yards Edition

What episodic collection of Brooklyn gift suggestions would be complete without a small journey down the road known as Atlantic Yards? Certainly, not ours. The thought was planted when we saw what the Lower East Side spot, Fuck Yoga, had done. So, we added a couple of thoughts, including some to try to balance out the Fuck Frank t-shirt you will find below, and that was that. (We strive for fairness in our Brooklyn Gift Guide.)

In any case, here are some suggestions for the Atlantic Yards lover or hater in your life, or for that person who's on the fence but has a special sense of irony:

Fuck Frank Gehry t-shirt. Uh, that's what the shirts say. For that person in your life that really doesn't like Frank Gehry. We have a feeling that these will be the thing to have if Miss Brooklyn becomes more than a concept and those 15-story electric signs and such rise along Flatbush Avenue. The shirts come in brown with orange lettering and blue with silver lettering. This may make Frank O. the only architect at the moment that has his own "F*ck" t-shirt. And if this doesn't float your boat, Fuck Yoga also sells Fuck Yoga shirts, yoga mats and the like. Thanks to No Land Grab for bringing this particular gem to our attention.

Sketches of Frank Gehry DVD. This is the Sydney Pollock film about his friend Frank. It "makes for a delightful window into the world of creativity and genius," says Amazon. Definitely worth giving to those with an interest in Atlantic Yards and the architect that has become closely identified with it.

Develop Don't Destroy t-shirt. These are the t-shirts sold by Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn, which is fighting the Atlantic Yards proposal via lawsuit and organizing. Funds from sale of the shirts--which are nicely designed--support DDDB. They come in black, gold and red. There's also a pink tank top.

Frank Gehry Architect. This Guggenheim Museum Publications Frank Gehry coffee table book is big, glossy and expensive. It's also quite the book for the lover of Frank O's work.

Blight Me t-shirt. The shirt says "Blight Me," a take on one of the conditions often used to justify the use of eminent domain by the public sector in taking land, like the blocks of Prospect Heights that would be taken for the Atlantic Yards "footprint." The shirt comes from the Institute for Justice, which, among other things, doesn't like eminent domain.

Bilbao Museum Poster. From the Guggenheim a gorgeous photo of the project that put Mr. Gehry on the global architecture map, his Guggenheim Museum building in Bilbao, Spain.

Ratner Sucks t-shirt. This one is available via the Cafe Press website. Simple and to the point, it says "Ratner Sucks." The beauty of this t-shirt is that it comes in sizes from Kids Small to 4X. Given that, why don't we see more Park Slope kiddies wearing "Ratner Sucks" t-shirts?

Nets Wastebasket. We were torn between the wastebasket, the officials Nets dartboard cabinet and the big Nets neon sign, but opted to feature the wastebasket because it is affordable and oddly symbolic both for fans of bringing the team to Brooklyn and those that wish they'd go somewhere else. The wastebasket says "New Jersey Nets," one of the handful of Nets products that actually says "New Jersey."

(Yes, we're aware of Frank Gehry's product line. It's easy to find and we'll leave it up to you if you are so inclined.)


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