Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Gowanus Water Quality Update: Still Oily

Gowanus Slick
[Photo of Gowanus oil slick courtesy greenbrooklyn.com]

About a month ago, we posted an item about oil bubbling to the surface of the Gowanus north of the Union Street Bridge opposite the Bayside Fuel facility. Small bits of fuel seemed to be coming to the surface and, then, greatly expanding and floating downstream. Since then, we've also posted about how Gowanus water quality has been more horrid than usual. This is all a long way of saying that the new blog Green Brooklyn, which hails from Gowanus, has new photos of the oily slime on the surface of the Big G. The slick seems to be coming from--you guessed it--north of the Union Street Bridge by the fuel depot. The blog entry is called Scenes from Gowanus, and it has a number of photos of the ongoing pollution.

Seems to us that it's going to be hard to clean up the Gowanus when obvious pollution goes unchecked. And, we're not even talking about runoff during storms and other pollution from industrial neighbors that still goes directly into the canal.

We warmly welcome Green Brooklyn and look forward to reading a tremendous amount about environmentally sound projects and developments.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

So you are seeing what those of us who cross the Gowanus see on a daily basis see all the time!

That oil depo just north of Union St has applied under our New York State Brownfield Cleanup Program--a program that has us tax payers covering up to 25% of the cost of all the reconstruction on the brownfield site.
But under this program, the oil depo guys have acknowledged that they participated in causing the contimination and there for are responsible for cleanup of all such contiminants beyond their site boarder.
This cleanup is all going to be tricky given the water forces keep moving this stuff around--inland and through the estuary.

10:37 AM  

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