Saturday, December 23, 2006

You Know You're From Coney Island When...

Coney Xmas 3

We found this in our wanderings, looking for substantive Brooklyn content on mypsace. It's from a Coney Islander named Pop.La.Rox and it's pretty cool. Give this excerpt a few seconds of your time, and then, click over to the blog get the rest:
You know what the B74 bus is/You remember when the B74 only cost 75 cents/You remember when dollar cabs were really a dollar/you remember when you could take a dollar cab past the train station for only a dollar/you ever went to ps 188, ps 288, ps 329, our lady of solace or mark twain/your zone school is-was Lincoln HS/if you or you family have ever had a cookout, birthday party, baby shower, bridal shower etc in Kaiser Park/you only walk thru Gravesend if you live there/the only time you've been inside sea gate is in a dollar cab, school bus or on Halloween (because the neighbors actually give out candy)and someone had to sneak you in because you didn't have the key/you've ever been to "Bro Day"/you remember when Salt n Pepa and Lil Vicious shot their videos out there/you or someone you knew had a part as an extra in "He Got Game"/you know where the Coconut Building is/you're actually upset about the plans to tear down the rides in Astroland/you couldn't believe they were building a baseball field out here/you've ever been pissed off from all the traffic it causes in the summer time
Interesting stuff, especially to those who might forget that Coney Island is a community, not just a redevelopment site.



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