Friday, January 26, 2007

Gowanus Lounge Coney Island React-O-Matic

As with all previous releases of Coney Island renderings, yesterday's information about "Coney Island Park," which might rise on the site of Astroland, made a splash. We noticed that the plan contained a mass of highrise buildings that we presume would be the hotel part of the proposal, and were amused at the way the drawing made them vague, gray outlines. (Interestingly, it is said to be a six-acre plan, whereas the Astroland site is three acres.) In any case, here are a few reactions to the plan:

1) To me, it just sounds like a zillion other Six Flags and other amusement parks. Nothing New York-ish about it, nothing that nods to the heyday of Coney Island, nothing enjoyable retro. Pretty disappointing. [Popsurfing]

2) With this new report Thor seems to have gained many points to their side. Let's hope Thor and company keep the promise and integrity of the importance of the amusements in Coney. [Kinetic Carnival]

3) What I'm very curious to see are Thor's plans for the hotel and condos. It seems they are always these shadowy, undetailed blocks standing in the backgrounds of all these drawings. I'm sure they have very specific detailed drawings and plans for those - and very hidden away from the public. [ConeyHOP/Coney Island Message Board]

4) This is an awesome design with some awesome rides. [Im_a_ThrashHole/Coney Island Message Board]

5) Exciting news, even if the rendering makes Coney Island look like Atlantic City. [Gothamist]

6) Astroland will soon be transformed into a glittery hulking mass of commercialism and obsequiousness [Bridge and Tunnel Club]



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Anyone know if the old Carousell (their spelling) ride on Surf and 10 is still running? Thx.


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