Saturday, February 10, 2007

More Concerts and a Rebuilding Plan for McCarren Pool?

McCarren Pool Outside

We came across a couple of interesting bits of information about McCarren Pool yesterday. One came from an article in Metro about how management of the historic pool will be turned over to a conservancy run by the Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn. That arrangement will probably start next year. The article noted that any money that's made by promoting big concerts in the park will go to a fund to "improve green space" in Williamsburg and Greenpoint. (Note the story did not say to "improve McCarren Pool.") This is interesting because other than a handful of community meetings, most of the planning process for events at the pool by the Parks Department has been going on behind closed doors. The other is that we found a job description included with the ads last month seeking a new director for the OSA. Among the duties would be designing plans "for interim uses of McCarren pool for the duration of its reconstruction."


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