Sunday, May 13, 2007

Disconnected in Brooklyn on Craigslist: You Kept 'Boumping' Me Purposely

Our Brooklyn Craigslist Missed Connection Sunday feature this week takes us to the 3 Train. Actually, we were going to do the G Train, until we found this. It attracted us because of its written-on-the-fly quality and lack of spill chocking spell checking. Plus the raw emotions conveyed within. Here you go:
blondie with freckles kept purposely boumping into me - m4w - 19

we echange glances and u stood extremely close to me. I didnt understand at first but wasnt completely sure even wen you went away to leave. If you only looked back i would have ran after you but nothing. If i could do it all over again i would grab you by your waist and hold you until we got who knows where. even though we barely touched i felt your emotions. If i ddint get u wrong we should go have a cup of cofee and then take the 3 together and continue from where we left off.
lots of freckles 5.4? 5.5?
listening to music wearing jeans blue/green? cute shoes

wearing all black
currly mohawk
with a Pearl Art bag
The waste gribbing waist grabbing is definitely the way to go on the train when being purposely boumped by a blonde.



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