Friday, June 22, 2007

J Condo Developer Coming to Carroll Gardens/Gowanus

2006_07_Third Street

Look for a new development to start rising soon at the corner of Third and Bond Streets in Carroll Gardens/Gowanus. The corner lot, which involves four different properties, recently sold to The Hudson Companies for $7.75 million. If the name sounds familiar, it's because it is the same company that developed the J Condo in Dumbo. No luxe condo tower is possible on this site, however. A release from City Feet says:
The rare, as-of-right residential development site is located on the northwest corner of 3rd and Bond Streets. It contains approximately 46,728 buildable square feet and is walking distance from Whole Foods supermarket on 3rd Street and 3rd Avenue. The property sold for $166.39 per square foot to a Manhattan developer – The Hudson Companies Incorporated, who developed the J Condominium in DUMBO.

“Plans call for a series of townhouses, which will blend more contextually with the neighborhood than a high rise tower,” said Massey Knakal Broker Ken Freeman, who exclusively represented the seller. “The seller will relocate his electrical contracting company to an industrial zone in Red Hook.”
A Carroll Gardens resident who passed the information along said that "the developer plans to break ground for a luxury low-rise condominium development this summer." The site can be developed without going through the Gowanus rezoning drama.

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Blogger Gary said...

If you look at the site on Google maps, a lot of that block has residential on it with trees in the back yards.

I have to say, from what I hear so far, this does not sound bad. Any idea about flooding in this location? That's the thing that concerns me most about development in the Gowanus basin, that and displacing businesses. here, the business is relocating to Red hook, so it's not a loss to the community.


11:48 AM  
Blogger Lisanne said...

Yeah there is an empty quality to Bond St (which i love as a resident but i know that don't matter)but it IS toxic down here and from what i understand from the homeowners(i am but a mere renter)the sewage system can not even handle the little bit of residential housing that is down here. OOh wee can walk to Whole FOods, if it's ever built! How about a real super market?! Just a thought...

I don't think it's fair that the proper "Carroll Gardens" thinks everything development wise should be just moved down here...we have a certain quality of life too, but as I always say "change inevitable" that's just a fact of life..i'm originally from Queens, and Queens does not have all the politically aware people like Brooklyn and as a result the architecture is a total mish mosh an no one ever even gave a thought to how it would change their hood....people in Queens are too busy trying to survive..i am still trying to get my head around the fact that the powers that be are willing to knock down a house on the underground railroad trail to build an ENTRANCE to a parking lot for a condo....if this is permissable
everything that Carroll Gardens is fighting for really doesn't matter.

11:31 PM  

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