Monday, June 04, 2007

More Than 2,000 People + Bikes + Brooklyn = Tour de Brooklyn

Tour de Brooklyn on PPW
The Third Annual Tour de Brooklyn happened yesterday and attracted more than 2,00 cyclists, including the new Commissioner of the New York City Department of Transportation. Photoblogger Adrian Kinloch, AKA Brit in Brooklyn, posted an excellent slideshow of the ride on his blog and notes that even the Bensonhurst resident that shouted "F**k you, I hope you all get punctures!" didn't dampen the spirits. Another blogger, Just Over My Shoulder, notes:
At one intersection, a cranky old man in his car screaming - "fah cryin' out loud, get outta da goddamn road!"* - a female cop blocking his way on a scooter, saying clearly and loudly "you will go to jail if you move that car, sir, you will go straight to jail."
More reports and photos to come, no doubt. The great video below of the Tour is from Streetfilms.

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