Friday, June 29, 2007

A Play Set 100 Years from Now in Coney Island

There's a play set in Coney Island called Goodbye April, Hello May playing at HERE, which is an arts space on Sixth Avenue. It runs through July 16 and is described as "a heartsick comedy about the decay of civilization." HERE is at 145 Sixth Avenue and tickets can be ordered here. The description of the play on HERE's website says:
A hundred years from today, in an apartment in Coney Island, an intrepid band of New Yorkers battle unconscionable hardship with inexplicable enthusiasm.
We won't get into the liklihood that a hundred years from now Coney highrises built in the next few years--not to mention everything already there--will be partially submerged by rising sea levels due to global warming. We'll assume that the play is set in an apartment on an upper floor and that transportation is by watercraft. Water taxis on Ocean Parkway anyone?

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