Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Auf Wiedersehen: Toll Brothers Done on Bedford Avenue

Toll Brothers Done

When the Toll Brothers opened their sales office for the North8 Condo on Bedford Avenue last year, it was a serious sign of the changes taking place in Williamsburg and on Kent Avenue. Now, they've closed the office and the storefront is still available for rent. Does it mean anything? Only that the sales office has moved to the condo development itself and that the space is probably so pricey that it's taking a while to rent. We're surprised Douglaston Development didn't grab it so they could establish a Bedford Avenue presence for The Edge. Then again, they're in for a lot more square footage in space they're taking at N. 6th and Kent Avenue. So, will the space return to being a boutique with elevated prices like its former occupant Spacial Etc.?

Toll Brothers Have Moved

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