Monday, July 30, 2007

Brooklinks: Monday New Week Edition

Fourth Avenue View

Brooklinks is a daily selection of Brooklyn-related information and images. Today, we also quietly pay our respects to Ingmar Bergman.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

re: Domino, & ANY thought to preserve that goddamn sign-- which would be little but a FREE AD for scumbags, i remind ya'll of an interesting little article from some years ago:

please note, this is but a very very basic limn in progress & that the story became much worse, & much more complex... which is why not to many people really try to write about Brooklyn waterfront labor politics, etc even today. (But Tom Robbins does, & did-- I believe the articles can still be found in the Voice online.)

this doesn't effect the questions of what/how to redevelop the property but really, if even three seconds more of anyone's civic life is given towards the idea of preserving that sign, it'd be VERY interesting to hear the reasoning why. (and no, "nostalgia" isn't a good answer.)


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