Sunday, July 29, 2007

Notary District Rat Problem Attacked

Russo Rat Bait 1

We don't know what's up with Vincent Russo, the gentleman who has owned these curious buildings on Smith Street for more than a half-century, and whose signage has adorned the neighborhood for decades. Months ago, a commenter noted that he had passed away (he is well into his 90s) earlier this year although we haven't been able to find any obituaries. City property records don't show the buildings have changed hands, but there are abundant signs of, um, rat abatement around. It means that either (a). the rat problem is totally out of control or (b). the buildings are being prepared for something and that it's best the rats be dispatched. Either way, the Russo Realty buildings may not have long. If you're curious about this unique Smith Street landmark, the Forgotten NY page on Gowanus (which is totally worth checking out on its own) has a lot more photos and an interesting story about Mr. Russo.

Russo Rat Bait 3



Blogger IF THE BIRDS KNEW said...

it's unclear if i will be said or happy to see the buildings cleaned up...obviously it would really suck if they built the f-line condos or russo residential or something like that? but that corner is a bit of a dirty mess. a fellow red hook blogger. thanks for your cool blog.

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