Saturday, July 28, 2007

Upcoming: The Waterfront Farewell Tour

So, if you find yourself looking for an activity next Sunday, consider "The Greenpoint and Williamsburg Waterfront: The Farewell Tour." The "farewell tour," which is not the first waterfront tour to bear the name, take place on Sunday, August 5 from 2PM-4PM. It's a walking tour sponsored by the Brooklyn Center for the Urban Environment. The email for the event says:
Rezoning has turned these East River waterfront neighborhoods into two of the hottest properties in town. The gritty industrial strip is yielding to sleek high-rises and luxury condos. Experience some of the old industrial atmosphere and learn about changes on the horizon. Visit the ruins of the Greenpoint Terminal Market, a landmark-quality group of industrial buildings ravaged in a horrendous blaze, and the almost-landmarked Austin Nichols Warehouse designed by architect Cass Gilbert.
The picture above, of course, is the Greenpoint Terminal Market before it went farewell. Check the BCUE site for more info.

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