Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Coney Island #1: Controversy Over Thor's Mermaid Parade Vid

We'd be remiss in not noting the controversy about the Mermaid Parade video above produced by Thor Equities and posted on YouTube. If you watch the vid, you'll see a woman, who is a Thor employee, toward the end saying "The spirit of Thor matches that of Coney Island!" As you might imagine, this did not go over entirely well with Coney Island USA. Late last week Dick Zigun put a post on the Coney Island Message Board that said:
Thor has just been sent a email informing them that they have NO PERMISSION to use the name or logo MERMAID PARADE within their FUTURE OF CONEY ISLAND logo such as they have done at the start and finish of the YOU TUBE piece. We have asked them to make a correction asap. We do thank Thor for the High Steppers at the parade.
Yesterday, Mr. Zigun wrote that "Thor has been in touch with me and promises changes this week." There's an article about it all in today's Metro. Needless to say, the vid doesn't picture any of the anti-Thor protesters that marched in the parade.



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