Sunday, October 28, 2007

On the Sofa: GL Reader Comments

Once a week we highlight some comments left behind during the previous week by GL readers. Here are some selections from the last seven days:

Williamsburg Loft Tenants Get $35,000 & $65,000 Con Ed Bills "another sensationalist story about injustice served up over in wburg by our good forthright friends at GL, who never fail to pass along any whisper that might advance their anti-developing brooklyn agenda." [Anonymous]

Columbia Street Housing Discussion to Become More Vocal "I think that this area desperately needs new housing. The little business nearby can last much longer on the bums that live on that block currently. Seems like a good thing in my opinion *and I live 3 blocks away." [Anonymous]

Park Slope Dog Beach Dachshund Attack Update "Maybe... it was just a horrible accident. Accidents happen. There doesn't always need to be someone, or something, to blame. Instead of directing anger, try feeling compassion for how upset the dog walker and dog owner must feel, how upset the attacked dog is and how unstable the dog that attacked was. Everything these days is blame, blame, blame. Try understanding and compassion and you'll be amazed at how much better you feel." [Red Hook]

Dog Attacks Another at Park Slope Dog Beach "'i wonder if you got permission from the posters on [Park Slope Parents] to reprint their messages on your blog? It's illegal to do so if you have not.' enlighten us. what law is being broken?" [Anonymous]



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