Saturday, October 27, 2007

Wolfgang, the Dachshund Attacked at Dog Beach "Alive & Well"

The owner of the dachshund that was attacked and nearly killed in Prospect Park at the dog beach this week by another dog left a comment late last night on one of our posts. We think it's worth sharing here:
I am the owner of the dachshund. He is a mini wirehaired named Wolfgang with a gentle and sweet nature. He obviously wanted to live and is alive today. I want to thank, very specifically, Manny Cabezas, who had the skill, wherewithall and passion to run with him when it seemed that all was lost, to the nearest vet. Also, to stay with him and help et him on to the next step, Animalkind and Dr. Patil, who helped to stabilize and keep him going until we got him to the Manhattan Animal Center in Manhattan.

He will probably never go to the park again because I can't take the chance that he will be put in such a vulnerable position. For all the innocent animals, children and others this is a travesty.

Thank you all for your concern and your best wishes
We're glad to know that Wolfgang survived.

(The photo above is not Wolfgang, but is a mini wirehaired dachshund.)

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