Monday, October 08, 2007

Sunday Construction Fun at 525 Clinton Avenue

We had no intention of posting something about 525 Clinton Avenue, a 13-story building going up between Atlantic and Fulton Avenues. The building itself has been extensively covered by Brownstoner, for instance, here and here. When we passed by, however, we encountered one of the most god awful rackets we've ever heard coming from a construction site, let alone coming out of it on a Sunday afternoon. We can find no evidence that the building has a permit for Sunday work, although the Department of Buildings does not make it easy for anyone to determine if the work tearing up a neighborhood at 10PM or on a Sunday is legal or not. (Hint to DOB: It is one of the current major failings of the system, almost as bad as the total lack of pro-active enforcement of such regulations. That residents can't easily determine if work is allowed or not undermines the entire system.) All we will say is that our sympathies go out to the neighborhoods. You could literally hear the noise four blocks away. It could be heard as far away as Vanderbilt Avenue and Pacific Street, over the noise of traffic on Atlantic Avenue.)



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