Saturday, October 27, 2007

Upcoming: Step It Up at GAP

We heard from the local sponsors of a Step It Up Day 2007-National Day of Climate Action event, who are trying to get word out about their banner painting event for kids here in Brooklyn, and we're glad to help. The email says, in part:
Please join me and tens of thousands of others across the country for the second Step It Up Day on Saturday, November 3rd in continuing our call for action from our leaders and presidential candidates...Join the Green Guide for Kids in Stepping It Up and taking action against global warming. All ages are welcome to this event to ask Who's a Leader? Togetherwe will create a banner and display it at Grand Army Plaza infront of thousands of passerbys. Please spread the word to everyone you know and please come! There will be treats.
This event will take place on Saturday November 3 at 12:00PM at Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn, NY.



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