Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bedford Ave. Dancer Makes TONY

Bedford Ave Dancer

Matthew Silver, aka The Bedford Avenue Dancer, who has been featured a great deal on both GL and Curbed, makes the jump to print in this week's Time Out New York:
The man in the gigantic striped pants wrestling a rubber snake on Bedford Avenue isn’t crazy—he just wants to spread the love. Specifically, the Summer of Love. Every Sunday, Matt Silver (a.k.a. the Cosmological Jester or the Village Idiot, depending on your take) can be found near the Bedford L station in Williamsburg, hopping around in a one-eared rabbit costume or grunting like a pirate in a three-cornered hat. He serenades passersby with a stringless guitar, challenges kids to hula hoop competitions, and cavorts like a madman with makeshift props (a busted umbrella, a paper heart on a stick, etc.). The 28-year-old performance artist likes the idea of a greater force telling him to act a fool, but he actually has a really down-to-earth motivation: to ignite “explosions of joy and wackiness” in the artistic nabe.
You can see some of our vids of him here, here and here.



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