Thursday, November 29, 2007

Check Out Icky's Holiday Guide to Brooklyn Handcrafted Gifts

Blogger Icky in Brooklyn over in Windsor Terrace has put together an excellent list of handcrafted holiday gifts that are totally worth checking out. He'll be adding to and updating the list in coming weeks, but some of the offerings so far include knitted goods from adknits, cool holiday cards from Alex Richman, tumblers vases and bowls from Alyssa Ettinger, cool wallets and stuff from Jilluary and a heck of a lot more. Head on over and check it out. We intend to crib mercilessly from it when we put together our own Gowanus Lounge Holiday Gift Guides that we will start running next week.



Blogger grumpygirl said...

thanks for using the pic of my stuff!--alyssa

9:14 AM  

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