Thursday, November 08, 2007

A Big Day for Coney Island

By this time tomorrow, everyone should have a very good sense of what the city has in mind for Coney Island and what, if any, deals have been cut with developer Joe Sitt and Thor Equities. Significant Event Number One will take place at Noon at Gargiulo's Restaurant when Mayor Bloomberg is scheduled to speak at a Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce Luncheon. He is expected to make some announcements regarding Coney Island. In today's Daily News, Jotham Sederstrom puts it this way: "Mayor Bloomberg will announce the sweeping rezoning and redevelopment plans..." Significant Event Number Two will be a meeting of the Coney Island Development Corporation board at 6:30PM. That will happen at Our Lady of Solace Auditorium, which is located at 2866 West 17th Street. The CIDC "will present ideas for the amusement district," in Mr. Sederstrom's words.

The extent to which the Mayor will be specific is unclear and whether the zoning recommendations will actually finally be released at the CIDC meeting is also unknown, but it should be an interesting day for Coney Island watchers.

Updates later today as they become available.



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