Monday, November 12, 2007

Tool to Fight Construction Noise Still Intact?

Here's an interesting tidbit for Brooklynites bothered by after-hours construction noise. It comes courtesy of an email from the Boerum Hill Association, saying that the city's recently enacted noise ordinance still allows citizens to pursue action "against construction noise violators and share in the fees (which can be substantial)." The emails says in part:
After a bit of back and forth with the general counsel's office at DEP, including a consultation with the City Attorney's office, it is now clear that the new noise code left the private right of action provision intact, and it will be interpreted to refer to the appropriate relocated code provisions (including after-hours construction noise). So folks, it's time to get out there and VIDEOTAPE THOSE NOISE VIOLATIONS...DEP wants to get rid of this provision because past complaints have been of "low quality." Let's show 'em!
One assumes that many high-quality examples can be found. There is a full post on the subject here at for those that are interested.



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