Sunday, November 11, 2007

Disconnected in Brooklyn on Craigslist: Hipster Scientology Girl

We don't know if our Brooklyn Missed Connection of the week is for real or is BS (it has some vague echoes of a serial poster from earlier this year), but it is certainly entertaining:
American Apparel Wearing Dude and the Scientology Hipster Girl - m4w - 26
I met you on Bedford Avenue while we were both walking over to the pool. You complimented me on my clothes (yeah, I wear a lot of American Apparel, but only in a non-ironic sort of way) and I asked you about the brochures you were carrying, which had some funky artwork about a fist grabbing the globe and such. You told me you were a Scientologist and I guess I snorted the wrong sort of response which turned the whole attempt at getting to know you into some sort of a long winded rant about the merits of Raelianism (my thing) verses your scientology versus marxism and critical feminist queer theory as developed by the thinkers of the seventies. But all I really wanted was to get to know you better, hipster Scientology girl of Williamsburg. I sort of have it in my head that if I, a Raelian dude, and you, an LRon Hubbardite Scientology girl, got together, that something awesome would result. So if you are out there or if you know of a hipster looking girl in the hood who is into Scientology, you have to write back to me. Or the thetans win.
Okay, then.

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