Sunday, November 04, 2007

On the Sofa: GL Reader Comments

Once a week, we like to look at some comments that GL readers have left during the previous seven days. Here are few selections from this week:

Atlantic Yards Hole Gets Bigger, Prospect Hghts Bldgs Smaller. "understand that this is not work on "atlantic yards." this is excavation to build a new rail yard. work on "Atlantic Yards" can only happen if Forest City Ratner wins the lawsuits against it." [Anonymous]

Bklink: Park Slope is the Next Chelsea. "well, the dollar store on my block on 5th ave b/w prospect place and st. marks closed up shop a year ago and was replaced by a bad pan-asian restaurant and a useless hawker of over-priced beauty products. the little mom-and-pop real estate place just down the street closed. a local latino grocer closed and is being replace by a restaurant, etc. i don't mind change, but it's a sad day when everything useful gets replaced by some joint that sells booze and mediocre food or some high-priced boutique. that's not progress, that's just homogenization. lord help us." [Anonymous]

Say What--Brooklyn Bus Edition. "If you've noticed, most of the signs in Red Hook are at street level. Just as well, the schedules are useless." [Anonymous]



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