Sunday, December 16, 2007

On the Sofa: GL Reader Comments

Once a week, we highlight a few comments left by GL readers during the previous week. Here's this week's selection:

GL Analysis: What is a Fair Price for History?:
"It always amazes me how short-sighted and uncreatively efficient these developers are. Why is "Old" always frowned upon? And why is there no character or trace of history in the design of new building projects, both aesthetically and programmatically? I would love to see a truly creative problem solver with the resources to take on a project like this - or not take it on at all in its defense." [Preserve!]

"So ironic to hear you put your faith in the feds to save admirals row. The Feds are the ones who have ignored admirals row for the last 30 years and allowed them to get to this point. On the other hand, the resot of the Navy Yard, which has been owned by the City for the past 40 years, has seen alot of money infused into it and is generally good shape and it being put to good economic use housing over 200 businesses. Why all of sudden do you think the Feds are the good guys?" [Anonymous]

Another Cool Old Brooklyn Sign: Clinton Cafe. "I remember a long time ago, that building used to be Key Food, Met Food, Fine Fare and other stores. I missed all these stores. It brings back memories. I wonder if they should put a flea market." [Chris from Brooklyn]

Revere Sugar A Year Later: Thor's Work is Almost Done. "A bit misleading, considering it is a HUGE brown field site. May be in 5 years we'll be looking at a BSA variance appeal and development. Till then, don't see it happening." [ccgh]



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