Sunday, December 02, 2007

Park Slope Snowflake Celebration Update: 100 Merchants + Snow Making Machine

The Park Slope Snowflake Celebration planning effort and publicity team are both in full gear. We got an email last night from Rebeccah Walsh, one of the organizers that said, "The Snowflake Celebration is A-Flurry!" and it had details about the status of the December 13 event in which Seventh Avenue merchants will be staying open until 10PM and offering sales, refreshments and other reasons to go shopping in the nabe. The email said in part:
We already have almost 100 merchants signed up, with more emailing in confirmation by the hour. Businesses are agreeing to stay open until 10pm on Thursday, December 13th and many are offering discounts, promotions or in-store refreshments. People are really getting into the spirit -- the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music is doing 2 hours of concerts in front of their building, two groups of carolers are signed up to wander the avenues, and we've even tracked down some snow machines!!! Many restaurants and bars have tapped into the shop local feeling and signed on to do specials or complementary cocktails or desserts if clients show a receipt from another local merchant!! That's the community spirit we are looking for!!
You can see yesterday's full post here. Promotional materials from the Buy in Brooklyn Team are going out today. Did you see where they say "Snow Making Machines"?



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