Monday, January 14, 2008

Residents Filing Freedom of Information Law Request for DEC Roebling Oil Field Reports

Warehouse 11 Test Well

While the Department of Environmental Conservation has sent a letter saying that the contamination of the Roebling Oil Field / Warehouse 11 site was confined to that property before a clean up took place, some local residents are skeptical and want to see all the documentation. GL has been told to expect at least one local group will file Freedom of Information Law requests with the department for all of the consultant reports and test results relevant to the project. The Department says that it has concluded that Roebling site was the source of some oil that has migrated under N. 11 Street rather than any oil from surrounding areas impacting the Roebling site. Earlier internal communications and statements indicated that oil on the property came from a source outside the site. There are about a dozen test wells on N. 11 Street adjacent to the Warehouse 11 development. The department has not released any test results from the wells, including ones drilled by its own consultant, since last Spring. "I can't take them at their word," one resident told GL. "We want the reports and test results. If they won't turn them over voluntarily, then we'll file the legal requests to get them."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm considering purchasing a unit in the Warehouse 11 building and will attend their Grand Opening on January 31. I will definitely inquire. Local residents should attend and also inquire. Although I'm certain the Sales and Marketing team would rather avoid the topic, they may have some insight on the current status.

4:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like a Real estate agent at Apt& Lofts is going to tell you "oh yes and let me tell you about the oil underneath this building". You had better do your research before purchase and do it quick. BTEX let me remind you can cause cancer and if there is processed oil in the soil, your looking at a hell of a problem for your health and not to mention resale of your property because you will have to reveal it to everyone who tries to buy! The DEC are a farce. They will cover up anything that can save their asses and they will give you info, but in a manner that will be "safe" to themselves and associations. No one will tell you anything unless this blows up to the Media!!!!!!! So mister "anonymous", who every entry on Roebling Oil writes in his little comment about "stop speculating", you had better start rethinking your strategy because it is real and it's toxic to all the people who are living on that street. We know you live there and are trying to protect your investment! It sucks doesn't it. I would go about it a more proactive way my dear.

6:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, I live in the East Village. And I am considering buying a place here. Why don't you contact, make an appointment to attend the Grand Opening, reveal yourself and ask about what was done instead of assuming what will be said. At least I'm trying to educate myself and am encouraging some sort of action by the locals. Hey thanks for the support and encouragement. I guess I can cross off "sense of community" on my list.

11:13 PM  

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