Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Wide Streets of Carroll Gardens Can't Handle Yachts

Boat Two

One of the curiosities of Carroll Gardens is that very narrow streets such as Second Place are defined as "wide streets" because the gardens in front of the buildings are counted as being part of the width of the street. In reality, the street itself is barely wide enough for a car to make it when cars are parked, but the "wide street" designation allows development that is significantly taller than that on "narrow" streets. Neighborhood activists have been arguing that the designation needs to be changed. "How wide is 'wide,' anyway?" an email we got asks. "Only one car at a time can fit up Second Place and the designation needs to be changed so contextual development can follow." Another email noted that "the wide streets legislation needs to be changed and can be changed quite easily! But we need the Councilman's help to do it the fast way and the best way." The "wide streets" issue has been part of the broader Carroll Gardens rezoning discussion.

Regardless, the driver taking the yacht through South Brooklyn tried to turn onto Second Place and didn't make it:
This little yacht got rather stuck tonite trying to make a left hand turn (west) onto Second Place from Smith Street while many passers by gawked on the sidewalk.

The driver eventually gave up and made a right turn (east) down Third Street heading toward Park Slope where it is hoped hope he doesn't try turning onto any of those "wide" streets either.
Maybe the boat was trying to get home from the boat show at the Javits Center?

2008_01_Carroll Gardens Yacht

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe this yacht belongs to the 360 Smith Street developer Billy Stein and he was trying to park it alongside his new building? Or maybe he already owns a slip at the Canale au Gowanus?

1:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The yacht must belong to Billy Stein and while he is overseeing the building of the infamous 360 Smith, he will dock it in Gowanus Canal. Then cruise home to Long island after a long hard day. It beats driving on the LIE in his Classic car. Or better yet,perhaps he will dock it on the canal permanently, for when he uses his "pied a terre "penthouse at 360.

2:05 PM  

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