Monday, February 04, 2008

Bklink: Where's Our Carroll Gardens Rezone?

After all the dust has settled, it may turn out that nothing has changed in terms of movement on the rezoning of Carroll Gardens. The Department of City Planning still can't commit to "a precise timeframe for action," which is what they've said all along. This does not sit so well with some, and never has. "Did they perhaps think or hope that we, regular community residents would not notice or care? Saying that Carroll Gardens is asking to push others aside, so that we may be first, seems a deliberately manipulative way of taking the heat off where it belongs...Carroll Gardens recognizes the need and sympathizes with the frustrations of each and every other neighborhood looking for relief through rezoning. We are not looking to shove anyone out of the way. We want to see more 'windows' open up to service those of us waiting on line."--CORD Blog

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