Monday, February 04, 2008

Do You Know Me? Sad Doggy Tale Continues

As of this morning, there are still no reports of the cute dog who was found seriously injured in Park Slope being reunited with his owner. The dog was found wearing a collar and with a leash, so he clearly belongs to someone. Still, the person who lost him and the good soul that found him and got him care after he was hit by two cars, haven't hooked up. An ad has also been posted on Craiglist:
found a cute brownish/reddish dog on Sixth Ave & Sixth Street around 11pm January 31. He's about 25lbs, and looks to maybe be a shiba inu mixed with something else (pitt?). He was hurt - had been hit by a car - and we took him to the vet. He's still there. He had a black leash and a green and white checked collar with black buckle, but no tags or microchip. Is he yours? Do you know who he belongs to? I'm anxious to get in touch with his owner. We think he was first seen being hit by a car on flatbush & 7th Ave, and that he kept running after he was hit and then, devastating as it is, must have then been hit again on Sixth and Sixth. If he is yours please contact us!!! He needs you!
The good news is that the Mayor's Alliance for NYC Animals is taking the dog to a specialty vet tomorrow for surgery and will place him in a foster home when he recovers. The Brooklyn Animal Foster Network covered $450 of vet's bills. There are many posts about this sad story at If this dog belongs to you or if you know anything about him, please email nicky (dot) agate (at) gmail. He's very lucky to be alive, but he looks very, very sad.

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