Monday, February 11, 2008

Trashy, Open 33 Roebling Site in Burg Violated

33 Roebling Violation

Looks like site of the huge 33 Roebling development that we mentioned last week (for the umpteenth time) for having a crappy, wide open fence and (now) a pile driver on the site got a visit from the Department of Buildings this week. We found a violation tacked to the cruddy fence (which has been so for almost a year) for, among other things, "failure to safeguard public and property," as well as having an open gate with no locks, being accessible to the public, creating "hazardous condition" and "being used as dumping ground." Also they noted "construction machinery on site." The general violation is known as "failure to maintain." If they actually put up a non-laughable fence and lock it, where will all the crap that's been dumped on the site end up? Eh. There are many places around, some right around the corner. Actually, the interesting question with this development, given that it is a stone's throw from the Roebling Oil Building (aka Warehouse 11) is: will anything interesting of a fossil fuel-type nature be discovered once they start digging?

33 Roebling Still Open

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