Friday, March 28, 2008

Brooklyn's Ugliest Karl Fischer Looking Great

525 Union_2

This is our dear friend 525 Union Avenue, which is the winner of the Lifetime Achievement for Sunday Work. The days of loud, fun work are in the building's past, however. Today it sits there as the most utilitarian building in the Williamsburg Karl Fischer collection. The interesting question is, will it get an odd name and marketing campaign or have something quieter and befitting its pedestrian low-key appearance?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the 2 faux balconies over the entry.
Class-o-rama, and such grand vistas of the BQE.
The sole good omen for this project, is that it is where Sugar The Cockatoo "flew the coop" to this past october. It confirms his tastes. He likes that god damn 877 393 4448 commercial, as well.
Glad there was a bland bright spot to fly to.
Thank you, Karl Fischer!!

11:31 PM  

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