Sunday, March 09, 2008

Disconnected in Brooklyn on Craigslist Bonus: Staring on the L Train

We know that we've had a lot of Sunday Missed Connections material from the L Train recently, but we couldn't pass up this string of posts about "why guys just stare on the L train." It started with this:
why do guys just stare on the L train? - w4m

i don't get it. why do dudes just stare? do you expect us chics to look at you back and smile? it's creepy. if you want to say something, say something. it doesn't have to be like "hey, i want you." be creative. you live off the L.
Here are some of the responses:
They're looking for girls who are literate enough to know the difference between chick and chic. You're out of luck.
Ooooohh you told her! It was obviously a typo. But I think more than that she struck a chord with a guy who has an axe to grind about his lack of success with his lecherous ogling on the L train. I mean come on you sound spurned by a woman you don't know, the irony may be that you are the person being referenced, take her advice maybe it will work out for you, someday. Not like she said she hates men. And who likes to be awkwardly objectified in public anyway?
It's called window shopping. If you don't like it put a bag over your head.
And, finally, this:
You ACTUALLY said: "I'm very good looking and she obviously just wanted to look at me... maybe see if I would make a move... to make her feel young and wanted..."

Oh my, you are probably the most egotistical guy I have heard on the missed connections (i apologize to the rest of you true romantics out there that aren't looking for fame here but some sort of love), man you are laughable. especially the "make her feel young" part, your approach is the type i would expect from any douchebag in a bar and when denied advances chalks it up to it being her issue and age because dammit I'm hot who wouldn't want a piece of this man sandwich. Well it seems not her, bad example. "are you single" bad opener.

Also for the record in case you are unaware of the inequalities between men and women, women get "stared at" in a very different way than you described, touched, brushed, grabbed at, etc etc everyday so why make the moot point and bring up the differences between your personal experience as one man and "stared at" due to your undeniable "hotness" VS the daily experience of a woman and being stared at. really? i dare you to post your picture so we can weigh in and objectify you here.
And that's it for this week from the L Train.



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