Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Owen Notes: Space Space

I had never been to Space Space, a residence/performance space at 390 Seneca Avenue in Ridgewood, when I went to see a friend, Paul Rome, read from his novel. The space is charming and welcoming, offering cheap spirits and only suggesting an entrance fee. The living room in the five-person residence could fit my apartment inside, plus offer some extra space for road bikes. I spoke with one of the residents, Rica, while she was serving drinks and she gave me the run down on the operation. They have between one show a week and one show a month, usually featuring experimental music, dance or performance art and they are loosely associated with different groups including Movement Research and Baltimore's Wham City, as well as holding yoga classes and other events. They have avoided doing shows with Brooklyn concert promoter Todd P for reasons that were apparent without Rica saying anything specific—many Todd P shows are held in dilapidated, illegal buildings, where teenage punks chain smoke and speakers are regularly blown out, which can be great fun, and I myself have attended plenty of Todd P shows. Space Space is different, though. The reading was as charming as the space, featuring backing musicians creating a noir atmosphere, handmade sound effects and slide projections highlighting certain images from the text.
--Owen Roberts

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