Friday, March 07, 2008

Park Slope Friday Focus #4: Maggie Moo Dumpstered

Maggie Moo Dumpster

This is the scene outside the former Seventh Avenue site of Maggie Moo's (and a lot of other businesses that have passed on in this Storefront of Death) work is ongoing .and dumpsters have appeared on an off. There is no word on the future of the location, and utterly no truth to rumors that anyone has been contracted to try to break the spells that doom businesses that open here. The business listed on the permit as doing the work is called Doric Designs. Souvlaki and spanakopita, anyone?

UPDATE: OTKB follows up with a report that it will be...drum roll...a nail salon. Either that, or the workers were indicating that the work was really messing up their hands.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nah, they were telling DumbMom to stop being a busybody and tell her that the work is out of their hands.

1:35 AM  

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