Saturday, March 15, 2008

Park Slope Plymouth K Car Mugger Update

Last weekend, we posted the bizarre story of a Park Slope mugging in which the criminal got out of and drove off in an old Plymouth. At that time, the victim wrote in a Park Slope Parents email:
It seems that this is a NEW kind of mugging, apparently the police had never heard of it before in this area. A man in a old model car (possibly a Plymouth) pulled over as he was driving, got out of the car, grabbed my purse while I fell down, got back into he car, and peeled away.
There is more info to share today about the vehicle, via a new email:
The car was an old model, possibly Plymouth, & maroon. Very Boxy looking (the rear & front windows looked like they came straight up & down rather than on an angle, as in most cars. The cops said it sounded like a K car? (think the FBI "Stake out" cars in the old 80s movies)
Beware of people in maroon K Cars checking you out. In the meantime, we ask: How hard can it be for the police to find the K Car Mugger?

(Note: the vehicle is a K Car used only for illustrative purposes.)

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Blogger J$ said...

plymouth reliant, dodge aries, chrysler lebaron are the k-cars.

12:09 PM  

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