Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Pinky Building of Bedford Ave. in Bed-Stuy

an argument for contextual zoning

We can't say we've focused on this building before, but it has risen at 1056 Bedford Avenue at Clifton Place and it is the work of architect Robert Scarano. Our Roving Correspondent Miss Heather sent in these shots, along with the comment that it's "an argument for contextual zoning." The building has been hobbled by a partial Stop Work Order for a while. The complaints lodged during construction of the building also make for interesting reading and include "chunks of falling concrete" and debris that was falling and "scaring pedestrians." There was also a complaint about the scaffolding being "unstable" and, in another instance, of workers "throwing debris" that was hitting other buildings. We're loving the monolith look with the blank walls on both sides.

Clifton and Bedford Monolith

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