Saturday, March 15, 2008

Seventh Avenue Tempo Presto Space Watch

Tempo Presto Update

From a distance the new sign being painted at the former Tempo Presto space on Seventh Avenue in Park Slope looks frighteningly like a Dunkin' Donuts. And, it was closer to one yesterday than it was the day before: maroon and pink, but with a golden yellow stripe. The store also acquired the frame for a covering over the outside patio yesterday. Other than the identity of the tenant (which is rumored to be Mexican...and clearly with a Dunkin' Donutlike color scheme), our question is this: How has what appears to be major work that could fall under the Department of Buildings all happened behind lock grates, and on the patio for that matter, without any building permits whatsoever? It is not the only restaurant space being renovated on Seventh Avenue right now where work is ongoing without DOB permits. We know of at least two others between Fourth Street and President Street which are or were related to Japanese cuisine.



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