Thursday, April 03, 2008

Bklink: Power Plant

A couple of weeks ago, INSIJS exclusively reported that Con Ed may be preparing a power plant on Kent Avenue for demolition, but what about turning it over to the Brooklyn Navy Yard for preservation? "The hulking Renaissance Revival structure borders the anticipated Navy Yard annex on two sides, and fits perfectly within the wide range of existing industrial buildings on the former Naval base. The huge, high-ceilinged turbine room could host a set-building business or serve as an additional soundstage for Steiner Studios. The plant is also filled with smaller-scaled industial floors perfect for warehousing or light manufacturing. And the street side fronts directly on the sidewalk, meaning it works with the Navy Yard's proposal to include some retail frontage along the desolate stretch of Kent Avenue."--INSIJS

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK. I'll be honest. I was all ready to write a post wondering why we have to preserve every decaying piece of crap in Brooklyn. But then I realized that I always drive past that power plant and think about what a cool building it is. As long as that place isn't up to it's eyeballs in Asbestos, I say go for it.

9:21 PM  

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